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Now we had to take two buses to get home and that was an adventure in bus riding. And not really so much the kind you look forward to enjoying.

First we waited for an hour instead of the advertised 30 minutes max. While we were waiting Charis took many great pictures with my camera including this one of Me, hassling a driver on a different line to find out wheeeen was our bus going to come.

When the bus finally did come the driver was so busy complaining about the bikers and the jay walkers and the rude drivers and the crazy clothes kids wear today that he sailed right past our stop(!) and Charis had to mention this fact. 'Oh, yes!' he said, and stopped in the middle of the road for us to get out!

Then we walked the couple blocks home where the whole family exclaimed over Charis's gorgeous hands and feet. Thanks for coming out Charis - it was FUN!

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