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March 24-26

I arrived in Isla de Flores, Guatemala very very late the night of the 23rd. The bus ride, meant to be 9 hours was 2 hours late in arriving. Very very late and very very long.

It was a most uncomfortable situation...not exactly a chicken bus, but the chairs were all broken, it made stops whenever and wherever anyone wanted, picked up people from the side of the road, and was so crowded the aisles were always full of people standing. The staff made sure I got a seat, being la tourista and all, and it was fun to chat in Spanish.

In Flores at last I checked into a place that was big enough to have a night clerk, which was not very nice as it turns out, so early the 24th I changed to this place, and here's the view out my back patio of Lago Petén I'tza.
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