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These are ruins of a residential area that I did not go any further into.

It was tropical hot out there today. HOT! Humid!! I must be getting more tolerant of heat in my old age because previously I would not have been able to last at all. However as I type this it is past noon the following day and I am happily just sitting under a fan doing this and nothing else.

And I got my first mosquito bites of the trip. No worries though as I am taking the malaria treatment.

YIKES I just looked this all up to be sure if Honduras had malaria... and one of the side effects of the malaria treatment is blurred vision. Oh I hope I HOPE that is what's happening. Oh that would be SO GOOD. I hadn't mentioned that I was going blind because I didn't want anyone to worry. (And then come to find out later I was just growing a cataract, which is not a bad outcome considering the possibilities!)
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