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This was fun. We hadn't eaten all day and decided to go back to the hacienda on a road we had not yet traveled, taking us through the town of Ticul. Who could resist a town named Ticul.

The food here was yummy and despite what might appear to be dour expressions, the owner and the cooks and really everything about the place was fun. Turkey is a major staple in Yucatan. They 'ranch' turkeys and various turkey preparations are on every menu. I had it here and it was Good - rich and moist and peppery. The guy was the general everything-except-cook. I asked him 'did you make this yummy food?'. 'No', he laughed, 'only little Maya ladies can make That.' He was about my height but I guess in comparison, they are little...

The white dress is absolutely the same as the dress worn by half the women in the Yucatan. It is a traditional design and I was surprised many times by how many women still wear then. The top is a white cotton smock type thing always intricately embroidered at the neck and hem. Under this smock is a plain white dress with lace extending beyond the hem of the smock.

The women who wear these dresses, you can tell, are hardworking rural women and we know what that means, yet I never saw the slightest smudge or the least graying on these clothes.
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