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BUT, first all transport to Tarife was cancelled due to bad weather and second I couldn't even get to Algeciras because all credit card connections at the port were 'no good'. No cash, no boat.

Good thing I like Tangier! So I spent a couple hours finding a place that was ok and took credit cards. All the decent bargain places want cash, all the really upscale places were Saturday-Night-Sold-Out so I ended up, just as the constant drizzle turned into a downpour, paying a Lot for a very ok place, Hotel El Oumna Ouerto, with a restaurant, a bar, and in-room internet. Here it is. It was fun.

I found a travel agency that would sell me a boat ticket to Algeciras (forget Tarife they said, bad weather) and will attempt an overnight bus to Lisbon arrving early Monday morning and all will be well. That's that plan.
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