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Haast Pass/Tioripatea Visitor's Center This is a shot from the back door of the Haast Pass/Tioripatea Visitor's Center.

The DOC names its trails and reminds you that safety is your responsibility. There are long descriptions for each but I’ll just list out the first and last and notable changes.

1) Easy access short walk. Easy walking for up to an hour; even surface, well formed with no steps or steep sections; suitable for people of all abilities, wheelchairs, buggies and strollers: streams and rivers are bridged; walking shoes required.
2) Short walk.
3) Walking track.
4) Great Walk/Easy tramping track.
5) Tramping track.
6) Route. Challenging overnight tramping; track unformed and natural, may be rough and very steep; suitable for people with high level backcountry skills and experience, including navigation and survival. Be completely self sufficient; track has markers, poles or rock cairns. Expect river crossings; sturdy tramping / hiking boots required.
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