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Seattle Chinatown Blue skies are back! It's funny, at home I hardly ever talk about the weather since it is usually perfect but here where 250 of the year's 365 days are grey, we're talking about the weather every hour or so.

Nancy had to leave this morning and we stopped off in Chinatown on the way to the airport for a nice dim sum lunch. I am told we don't say Chinatown here, it's not pc and it's pan-asian anyway, we say International District.

The place we ate in was The place to eat and the wait was about 45 minutes.

To pass the time we wondered around and came upon this Falun Gong group. It was exactly like the displays in LA but without the group actually doing the meditation. Once again Wikipedia does a good job of introducing you to this practice, history, and current situation that matches what else I've heard. Have a look.
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