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Tibet Lhasa Out my back window, a Chinese tourist hotel.

I will be entirely silent regarding the political situation while I'm here.

(**I'm home now. While in Tibet there were signs on every computer advising that you be mindful of the rules and although the rules are not specified as such...you KNOW. No Polities, No Dalai Lama, Do Not call attention to yourself.

There is so much to say on this including how to be a tourist, what the new high-speed train will do, why is it I so enjoyed being in China but the same Chinese people here are occuping oppressors. This is very much an occupied country and it is painfully obvious that the Tibetan people are expiencing great loss. I think the movie 'Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion' brings this into focus.

Send me an email if you have any specific questions.**)
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