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A strange after-sunset flash shot with sky...

We visited an example of Fujimori's most well-known project. He recruited highlanders, from areas where there was a lot of political unrest, offering land, training and materials to takers, to build a sustainable farm in the jungle.

This place seemed very much a model establishment and since Inkaterra contributes funds to their upkeep, I'm not sure we saw the real deal but it was very interesting, because they made it that way. There were examples of a huge number of fruits, herbs, corn and rice crops and on and on, and we were free to look around the cooking and living areas too.

Too bad it was dark...

Then, on leaving, in the middle of the river, the boat broke down. There were a number of repair efforts by our crew and by the farm family involving ropes and hammers, but no joy.

We did manage several caiman sightings as we drifted along waiting for the rescue canoes that had been summoned by flashlight. No one was the least concerned, all just part of jungle life, dinner was waiting, no problem.
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