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...and the old town is magnificent. I know these pictures are just snaps from the street of interesting facades but I haven't thought of a better idea yet. So many charming buildings in so many styles.

I should tell you how my school days go when there are no evening activities, and when there are evening activities as happens often, I don't get back until 10-11-12pm!

7:30 clean up and get downstairs for a little breakfast
8:30 leave for school
9:00 class begins
1:00 class ends for lunch
2:15 walk to the Zócolo to meet with my guide, see sights, walk walk walk, and talk about what we see
4:30 finish with the guild and head home
5:00 collapse on my bed, look at email, download pictures, start homework
7:00 a very light supper with my homestay host
8:00 back to finish homework, try to put the days pictures online, and watch something distracting on my computer
11:00 shut down and go to sleep!

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