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February 21

I enter the house through the garage and then take a door into the kitchen. This is the view.

My Food: I eat some breakfast at 7:30 made by my homestay host. She makes one egg every morning scrambled or boiled, and some type of bread, and a huge serving of fruit. It's so early for me to eat though, so we have a routine where I eat the hot food and take the cold food to school for the 11:00 break which works well for me.

At lunch the school provides a large buffet meal at 1pm and since I've only eaten there three times I still like it. Old timers are tired of the repeating menu so I might pop out from time to time for a meal somewhere else.

Dinner is a light serving at 7pm. My homestay host makes either soup or salad, and bread and fruit.

There's also the street and I simply must have one thing each day and twice it's been the best churros EVER. I took a picture but it didn't turn out...I'll have a chance to do it again For Sure.
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