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Backpackers. I think this place where I am staying is maybe half backpackers, several families with children since it's school break for this week and next, and plenty of mid-age to late-age singles and couples with actual suitcases. I am quite content.

There's coffee and tea, cereal, milk, bread, jam, butter, apples, and oranges available every morning. They also have a small café offering frozen food fried for your dining pleasure. Everything comes with French fries.

Everything comes with French fries at the internet place too, and there's the ever popular fish and chips, and fries as a quick snack when you're feeling a little peckish, and they're good fries too, but I now must take a break from French fries.

The best thing I ate was at the funky little internet place where I had delicious grilled barramundi and French fries. The second best meal was at 18 Degrees where I had poached eggs on beans - it was perfect and entirely satisfying. The third best meal was arancini at Cable Beach Resort - so flavorful and with great texture. And lastly the fourth best thing I ate was the nachos right here at the hostel. They make them with Cool Ranch Doritos, a spicy salsa, and lots of tangy cheese all melted together, crispy and gooey from under the broiler.
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