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My ticket was going to take me twelve hours to get from Hobart in Tasmania to Broome in Western Australia as I had to travel Hobart-Melbourne-Perth-Broome. But when I got to Melbourne I noticed there was a direct flight to Broome leaving in 20 minutes. Wow! So I hustled myself to the service counter.

Sorry the guy said, no can do because of your discounted ticket. That's too bad I said because you have seats on this flight but I'm guessing my Perth to Broome leg is oversold because when I looked there was not a seat to be had.

Hmmm the guy said, still, no can do. Then, 2 minutes later I heard my name paged and voilá! a ticket on the direct flight Was available after all.

So not only did I save four hours of transit time I also got an Entire Row to myself. What JOY.
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