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"The Episcopal Church in Hawai'i began in 1862 when King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma invited the Church of England to Hawai‘i. The King and Queen supported the Church's establishment throughout the islands with gifts of land, and by founding the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Honolulu. Queen Emma also founded Queen's Hospital (now Queen's Medical Center) and St. Andrew's Priory School for Girls in Honolulu.

"All Saints’ congregational history can be traced back to the arrival of the Rev. Henry Alpheus and Mrs. (Juelle J.) Willey on Kauai, on October 28, 1924. The church was founded as a mission of the Episcopal Church, declared itself an interracial church, and chose its name by a vote of the congregation. It became the first Anglican Church on Kaua'i.

"During the next few months, while laboring under unfavorable circumstances in Kealia, Rev. Willey succeeded in obtaining land and making plans for the church in Kapa'a. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Digby Sloggett gave the approximately five acres of land that would house the church, and in December of 1925, All Saints' Episcopal Chuch was completed.

"In 1962, the mission achieved parish status under the leadership of the Ven. Charles T. Crane."
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