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The place is constantly packed and they fill all the seats even when there are empty tables. I think this is not entirely uncommon. Meet our lovely tablemates from Hong Kong.

Wiki: "Bouillon Chartier, or simply Chartier, is a "bouillon" restaurant in Paris founded in 1896, located in the 9th arrondissement and classified as a monument historique since 1989. The restaurant has had only four owners since opening.

"The long Belle Époque dining room has a high ceiling supported by large columns which allows for a mezzanine, where service is also provided....with a menu offering traditional French cuisine.

"The table service is provided by waiting staff dressed in the traditional rondin, a tight-fitting black waistcoat with multiple pockets and a long white apron."

Expect crowds and you might be pleasantly surprised by hitting a quite time but you'll still sit with strangers.
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