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Note the guides hand on the far right. This was one honkin' spider web.

I didn't get as much entertaining or useful information from this guide as I expected. Inkaterra sold each one of these outings as English speaking tours (I knew there was a chance other people would join at some point) but the six from Portugal, cute as they were, were of course more comfortable speaking Portuguese. The guide spoke Portuguese just fine and much of the time, after a few minutes of not understanding even the topic, I had to stop listening. And when he was doing his 'English tour' his delivery was rote and uninvolved - not so good I thought. But to his credit, he could spot a three inch green bird in a green tree from a mile away.

This was a lesson in managing expectations and delivering what you've sold. This should be the worst of my problems. Early on I told myself I'd look up details on this stuff when I got home, but you know how that goes.

So I don't know what's what with this spider web but it's pretty cool.
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