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Basically you got to take things. I said 'Oh wow can I take one of those rugs!'. No, you can take a little bottle of rose water in the corner.

Here are some words from this website..monnaiedeparis.fr

"Displayed on the walls of the last factory in the centre of Paris, the exhibition is an invitation to revisit the myth of the singularity of an artwork and question its modes of production. Like coins, works of art are destined to be disseminated. This exhibition, designed as a place for interaction between visitors and artists, is characterized by its open form which evolves in time.

"When it ends, the pieces will disappear, having been distributed in their entirety. Challenging conventional economic channels, Take Me (I’m Yours) presents a model based on exchange and sharing, and thus raises questions about the exchange value of art, an issue intimately linked to Monnaie de Paris."
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