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What Lonely Planet says about this place: "Le Refuge des Fondus. This odd place has been a Montmartre favorite for nigh on four decades. The single menu provides an aperitif, hors d'oeuvre, red wine, and a good quantity of either fondue savoyarde or fondue bourguigonne. The last sitting is at midnight."

I'm surprised at LP. Calling it 'odd' is not the half of it.

There are two rows of tables smashed together in this tiny hallway of a restaurant. To take your seat along the bench one of the extravagant waiters presents you with a chair and holds your hand as you Step Over the table.

They immediately bring you your aperitif, hors d'oeuvre, and red wine. The red wine comes, omg, in those ridiculous baby bottles. It has a big hole in the nipple so you don't actually have to suck on it but I was having none of that and poured some wine into my aperitif glass. The main guy rushed over, shook his finger at me and with a grand flourish he removed all the other glasses from the table to prevent anyone else from committing this heresy.
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