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This is an example of a café/bistro/brasserie outdoor setup. These cafés crowd the main streets here in Saint-Germain-des-Pres. They all try to make their napkin and fork and knife design a little unique. They all have a glass for water and a glass for wine, they all have the salt and pepper and many have a pot of mustard in the holder with the salt and pepper, and they all have an ash tray.

I don't sit out here due to the pleasure Parisians and tourists alike take in sitting around at these tables in great groups chatting away and chain smoking.

Inside all the eating places there is no smoking, no smoking in the Metro, etc. and compared to Vienna for example when you walk down the street enveloped in a cloud of smoke, here you actually can avoid getting a nose and throat attack as long as you don't sit out here.
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