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And wow, lookie here, Chagall painted the ceiling inside the theater! I was Not expecting this! It was wonderful!

From Architectural Digest: "Russian-born artist Marc Chagall once said that "the dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keeping awake the sense of wonder in the world." And it is difficult to conceal one’s wonder beneath Chagall’s magnificent ceiling in Paris’s Opéra Garnier, a masterwork that was unveiled on this day in 1964.

"...When French Minister of Culture André Malraux announced the commission for the project in 1960, many were outraged by the prospect of a modernist painter—and a foreign-born one, at that—taking his brush to the ceilings of Charles Garnier’s neo-Baroque masterpiece. But Chagall’s passion for the project won out."

With scenes from fourteen operas, Everybody loves it now!
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