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January 11

Thank You Cristina! What a TREAT!!

Cristina is Marija's son Andrew's newly minted FIANCEE! Cristina came home here to Manila and Andrew came to meet the family and PROPOSE. He's gone back to LA but Cristina and her aunt Paulynn took me out for a great day around town.

Their family employs a full time driver which is a very desirable situation. I haven't mentioned the traffic in Manila yet because as long as you just hang around Intramuros you can walk to the sites, restaurants, etc. But once you step a foot outside the walls of the old city it's car-madness.

I think it has been particularly crazy since I got here because as soon as the Pilgrimage was over the city began preparations for the Pope's visit on the 15th by closing roads to test the routes he would pass. It's not like traffic in India or China for example where cars come at you full speed in any lane - they do seem to stick basically to the rules, and maybe without the Pilgrimage and the Pope it would just be bad instead of horrible.
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