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Like a huge shiny glistening egg yolk as it drops behind what I think is still part of the caldera.

I'm going to HAVE to call a halt to these crazy meals or come home the Goodyear Blimp.

Around 11:30 I was overcome by the smell of a wood fire heating up a well used grill and I had to go in there. I had to get the whole grilled fish with very tasty flavored rice and a perfect cabbage salad. I had to.

Then around 6:30 I had to find some faster and more reliable Wi-Fi just to get caught up and to start looking into my next stop (it's going to be Rhodes) so I had to order something to eat. I got a very delicious tuna sandwich. The roll was perfect, the spread was perfect, the bits of cucumber and tomato were perfect. And it came with chips, which I had to eat all of...because why...
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