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May 26

Today I did the transfer between Naxos and Santorini.

What I ate: more ferry food because it’s not bad and it’s there and a very excellent dinner in Santorini of water (I say water because you always have to pay for the water, from 1-4 euro depending), very good local wine, crusty good bread, an appetizer of fava bean salad with a soaking in tasty olive oil, fresh onions, fat tasty capers, and Greek olives, an appetizer portion of fried calamari (YUM), AND a giant mouthwatering portion of baklava…25 euro. And not to forget the ferry food.

I never eat out like this on the road. I usually go to the market and stock up on fruit and yogurt, milk and cereal, pre-made tuna salad etc.. But it looks very much like that isn’t going to be happening here in Greece.
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