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I haven't figured out this church yet.

Here's a cut and paste wiki chronology of Naxos:

Cycladic civilization The Zas Cave was inhabited during the Neolithic era, contained objects of stone from Melos and copper objects including a dagger and gold sheet. Classical era and Greco-Persian Wars During the 8th and 7th centuries BC, Naxos dominated commerce in the Cyclades. Herodotus describes Naxos circa 500 BC as the most prosperous Greek island. Byzantine era Under the Byzantine Empire, Naxos was part of the thema of the Aegean Sea, which was established in the mid-9th century. Duchy of Naxos The Duchy of Naxos and other Frankish states, carved from the Byzantine Empire, as they were in 1265. In the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade ... the Venetian Marco Sanudo conquered the island and soon captured the rest of the islands of the Cyclades. Ottoman control (1564–1821) The Ottoman administration remained essentially in the hands of the Venetians; the Porte's concern was satisfied by the returns of taxes. Very few Turks ever settled on Naxos, and Turkish influence on the island is slight.
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