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May 21

Phidias Hotel sent their van down to the port with several guests for the morning ferries. My ferry was going from Paros-Naxos-Santorini so it was well subscribed.

Nice seat! You can buy 3 kinds of tickets - deck, reserved, and premium. I don't know how good premium is but reserved gets you a place in a block of airline seats (yikes, not that!).

The inside deck arrangements are fabulous (comfy chairs, little tables, padded benches), no reason to pay for anything else maybe unless it's crowded. It seemed the ferry was half full. Twice as many people would be a Lot of people jockeying around for those lovely seats inside.

The outside decks are the domain of the smokers and are well enveloped by a hazy blue cloud, to be 'enjoyed' only to grab a quick photo. No smoking inside though so that's a trade I'll make.
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