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There were several of these sculptures - I saw two others but there are apparently five total.

Copied from sfgate.com: "The five Slinkies, each about 15 feet tall and weighing 1,500 pounds, arrived by trailer, one by one, and were installed by crane in the early morning hours in the summer. The crew was always gone, without a trace, by 8 a.m.

"I love the idea that they fluttered down out of the sky like some mythical creature," says the deliveryman, Bruce Beasley, a sculpture major from UC Berkeley's class of 1962. Beasley, who is 74 and operates out of a studio in West Oakland, has worked in monumental outdoor art for 50 years and has had more than 200 exhibitions worldwide. But he's never before placed anything on the grounds of his alma mater.

"The series is called "Rondo," and it is the first exhibition of multiple pieces by one artist in a UC Berkeley public art program that dates to 1900.

"Gov. Jerry Brown will want to know who paid for this, and the answer is Beasley. He spent two years designing and forging five separate artworks, each unique to its location. Beasley paid for the materials and installation, and when the show ends in August, he will pay for their removal, then offer the pieces for sale."
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