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April 30

Our host in the black top and her helper in the blue, getting the breakfast together which we enjoyed before hitting the road again.


The Casas Particulares rooms cost between $15 and $30 depending on how many beds, if there's a view, if there's a terrace, etc..

Your host will make as much breakfast as you can eat for $4-5. She'll make you dinner for $8-12 depending on the ingredients. They will also sell you a beer for $1-2 and water for $1. This is an important part of their income and fun so take advantage of the opportunity.

The car was about $100 per day and the gas is expensive. The roads are perfectly good and the drivers (cars, trucks, horse carts, etc.) follow the rules. Signing could be better but just have a good map and people will point for you. We used the car for the road trip but gave it up for our time in Havana. You definitely don't need a car in Havana.

Restaurant meals run between $4 and up-up-up.

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