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The kids crossing the road without giving the cars or their occupants even a glance. This is just a cute and sweet and fun-oh-wow awhh-so-special encounter with wildlife. Nothing at all like having Big Daddy raise Up at you and Bound at you while you are alone in the woods and you stagger and stammer and clutch at your seizing heart. It's nothing at all like that.

The park booklet said you are unlikely to see bears but I can attest to multiple sightings. All the bears in the park are black bears, whatever their color since by 1922 hunters had killed all the grizzlies in California. A black bear can weigh up to 500 pounds and can run as fast as a horse, which is very easy to believe!

And on behalf of the Park Service let me echo their constant refrain, 'Please don't feed the bears!'.
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