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September 7

I left the apartment at noon today to pick up a few things and make my way by subway and train out to the airport to meet my little sister.

I got there in good time .. but .. no sister! You can imagine the agitato! I could tell the ladies at the information counter were doing their best to help but they couldn't reach Air France - no answer!

When it became absolutely 100% sure that she was not on her flight I started off to the check-in area to find an Air France agent when an email came in: 'Missed connection in Paris, arriving at 7pm.' Let's hear it for smartphones and The Internet! And free, open WiFi in airports!!

(International calling is a whole 'nuther ball-of-wax. It's not reasonably going to happen with 99% of Verizon phones unless you're connected to the internet, and then you can email so why bother. Hey Verizon, add gsm to your phones!)

We got home by taxi about 8:30 and all is well.
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