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July 5

My two ten hour flights (LA-Amsterdam-Johannesburg) were, seen together, a singular miracle. I can’t imagine how the outcome could have been anything but a miracle. I did wear my high tight wool socks which I think might have made for happy legs and warm feet, not a miracle there. The miracle was my seatmates. On both flights my seatmates kept their entire body in their own seat and stayed on their own side of the arm rest. We took little elbow turns but not by hanging over the whole arm rest, no, no. They didn’t play loud music, or jiggle around, or talk excessively or loudly, they were perfect. Twenty hours in the air in coach, packed to the rafters with every seat taken, and at the end I wasn’t even agitated, I threatened no violence, I was ok. WOW, a MIRACLE!

Then I walked directly to the in-airport City Lodge Hotel where you pay a premium for the convenience but it was quite nice and well worth it. I went immediately into the bed and woke up 13 hours later. Not what I had intended but I was certainly refreshed!
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