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Sandy in the Maharaja's hunting lodge.

The Obero chain: I am going to take this opportunity to go Totally Off on the most remarkable, unforgettable, completely Fan-TA-stic staff recruitment, development and service delivery EVER. How they managed to pay for it, I have no idea. There were five staff for every guest and every staff member could do absolutely anything. And not once did a staff member hand off to anyone else. You could ask anyone for anything and that very person would handle it with the most gentle grace imaginable. This was true in every one of the Oberois. We were all Blown Away.

We actually met THE Mr Oberoi here, and his heir-apparent son, but since they were smoking cigars and stinking up the whole place, like really stinky sickening let-me-outta-here stinky, I didn't tell him that he was clearly a flat-out magician.
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