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Life on the bus. We really had luxurious accommodations. It was a nice enough bus, yes, air conditioned and all, but what made it extra nice was that everyone could have a window, you could stretch out if you wanted, you could sit with someone for a while and then sit with someone else or no one at all. That's luxurious!

We are driving from Agra to Jaipur.

A few days before there had been a terrorist bombing at a temple in Gujarat and today a strong political group had called for a country-wide one day work stoppage in protest. Consequently the day's plan for ShoppingShopping needed some adjustment. From what you could see on the street the shops were closed but the guides scrambled and found places like the one below where the bus would approach a building, gates would open and we would enter a protected courtyard and be greeted by dozens of eager salesmen.
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