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A keystone, a lodestar, the very heartbeat of tourism is this: shopping.

I have come to accept the inevitable. Is that what makes a grownup? They try and cover it up by giving 'demonstrations' and showing you 'art galleries' and 'museums' but in fact every place a local tour director targets is meant as an opportunity to go shopping.

This was a demonstration of the techniques craftsmen used even back-then and still, to create the fabulous marble pieces inlayed with precious and semi-precious stones that is one of the wonders of the Taj. Many of these demonstrations, like this one, are really very interesting and informative and if you find the gorgeous boxes and tabletops an excellent buy, well, it just so happens they will be more than pleased to ship it direct to your home, tax free of course, and oh, you want something with more blue? Look here, we have a dozen...
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