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Copied from a plaque on the tour, about how Vespasian built the Colosseum with booty from the Jewish Revolt (which you now know all about having read the section from my trips to Jerusalem and Masada:

"66AD Revolt breaks out in Judea after a prolonged period of discontent with Roman rule. The Governor of Syria leads an abortive campaign against Judea ...

"67AD (the General) Vespasian subdues all the northern territory of Judea.

"69-70AD Propelled to fame by these swift victories, Vespasian is proclaimed emperor by the legions of Judea, Syria, and Egypt. Vespasian goes back to Rome. He leaves the command to his son Titus, with the purpose of conquering Jerusalem, the center of the revolt. During the spring, Titus lays siege to the city. The legions gain control of the city and close in on its physical and spiritual core - The Temple. Once reached the Temple is set ablaze: the fire spreads all over, and Jerusalem is destroyed.

"73/74AD A last stronghold still stands, a desert fortress set on a precipice on the south-western coast of the Dead Sea: Masada. After a long and difficult siege the Roman soldiers manage to break the defenses of the fortress. However, before they break in, the rebels commit mas suicide - preferring to die as free people than to live as slaves.

"Judea is back under Roman rule."

Sound familiar?

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