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May 24

My last day in Israel, then tomorrow - Roma!

I had an adventure in Public Transportation today, getting to this place, The Wohl Rose Park of Jerusalem, and Bird Watching station, and in the end it was entirely worth it. The local buses are not so easy to manage because there is no map that shows the routes. You can find the bus numbers online but you have to know what route you want to take which I gave up on, not finding an English version. So I just went out and started asking.

I've taken taxis only a very few times because every trip is a negotiation and I'm not good at that, At All. I've also used the sheroot(sp?) system a lot - like a shared van, on and off, down one street or to a specific destination. Once you get the knack of them it works out well. The trains and long distance buses are my favorites because you know the price, you know where to get on, and where it will take you.
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