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"During the 1967 Six-Day War Israel captured the Temple Mount together with all of East Jerusalem and the West Bank from Jordan, who had controlled it since 1948. ...

"A few days after the war was over 200,000 Jews flocked to the Temple Mount and Western Wall in the first mass Jewish pilgrimage since the destruction of the Temple in 69 CE. However, the Israeli government subsequently left the Islamic Wakf in control of the site, although it remains under Israeli sovereignty.

"Because of this set-up, the site has become a flash-point between Israel and the Muslim world, especially when violent acts are perpetrated at the site. Today Jews are generally banned from praying on the Mount or doing anything that could disturb Muslims."

There are four paragraps in the wiki article about the Temple Mount as to whether Jews are or are not permitted (by their own religious authorities) to enter the Temple Mount.
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