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"Due to (Jewish) religious restrictions on entering the most sacred areas of the Temple Mount (see following section (that's the wiki article I mentioned)), the Western Wall, a retaining wall (of) the Temple Mount and remnant of the Second Temple structure, is considered by some rabbinical authorities the holiest accessible site for Jews to pray."

"Jewish texts record that the Mount will be the site of the Third Temple, which will be rebuilt with the coming of the Jewish Messiah."

When the Messiah does come he's going to get his temple built no matter who's running the place, I would think.

Then there are the Christians who are encouraging the building of the Third Temple now because that will mean the Second Coming of the Messiah (the Jews having missed the first one...), the resurrection of the dead, the Rapture etc. and hellfire and damnation for all the rest of all y'all.

(yes I Know, there's more to it than this..plenty more...The Millenium; The Tribulation; Armageddon; The Rapture...Plenty more.)
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