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...to The Sifting Project.

I am going to extract from an article in The Jerusalem Post.

"In 1999, the Wakf Islamic trust, ... requested permission from the government to construct emergency exits (from some tunnels under the Temple Mount) ... Upon receiving permission, ... During the exits’ construction, the Wakf removed some 10,000 tons, or 400 truckloads, of ancient debris, which was then dumped ... some of it lost forever among the trash and other rubble.

"Enter Gabriel Barkay of Bar-Ilan University, who applied for and eventually received a license from the Israel Antiquities Authority to sort through the discarded piles in search of antiquities. Joined by his former student Zachi Zweig (Jonathan's wife Judy's brother), Barkay now oversees the sorting. ... the efforts have turned up a rich bounty of First and Second Temple-era artifacts.

" ... Other MKs echoed Ben-Ari’s observations, expressing the importance of the site’s offerings for “all Israelis, and all of the Jewish people. “This is a clear sign that Jerusalem is ours – that its beginnings belong to the Jewish people, and the basis of its holiness is rooted in Judaism,” said Kadima MK Otniel Schneller, who was also in attendance."
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