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And then off to the train for an outing in Haifa.

It's Sunday and the trains were packed with military going back to duty after their weekend off. I mentioned about the universal service right out of high school, meaning that most of these soldiers are basically teenagers.

Teenagers, full of hormones and angst, with automatic weapons that they carry with them around town. They carry them around even when they're off duty. One guy told me 'of course, the gun is their private property'. I'm not sure of that one!

They do seem quite well disciplined though, and I never got the feeling I or anyone else was in danger.

Update from Hilla: 'Once you are issued a weapon from the army you are obliged to keep it with you at all times. Anything that happens by use of that weapon is your responsibility.' So now when I look at these kids I wonder about the ones who Don't have weapons.
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