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Of course there was a shopping stop, this one at the Ahava cosmetics company where they make all their products from elements found at the Dead Sea.

There were several of these tree/bush plants growning around there...I wonder what it is?

Hilla replies:

"I found that plant that you took a photo of near the Dead sea on the internet: Crown Flower, Giant Calotrope, Giant Milkweed, Swallow-wort (Calotropis gigantea) And here is some of the information that I translated for you from the Hebrew:

"The tree grows mainly in the Ein Gedi area, and when damaged the leaves will exude a milky liquid which is poisonous. The fruit is large and round, but completely hollow inside except for some fine hairs and seeds.

"The plant is also known as Sodom's apple. Legend has it that when God decided to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, he also decided to transform the trees into trees that served no use, and so the once famous and delicious apple trees that were found in that area, today bear beautiful fruit that is useless, and even poisonous."
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