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May 8

Usually when tourists come to Cappadocia they take group tours. You can rent a car, or rent a car and guide, but basically, the group tours are so cost efficient it's hard to resist them.

There are say 20 companies who will sell you a tour and there are 3 tours that they sell. Actually there are 2 (not counting the specialty offerings of course). There's the Red tour that features going north, the Green tour that features going south, and the Blue tour that goes to Soganli Valley but no one will sell it to you because, they say, 'no one wants to go there' although I did tell them I want to go there.

So you pick the Red tour or the Green tour and you buy it from one of the 20 companies selling it. I chose Yama Tours because a group from my hostel had had a great experience with them the previous day. When it came time to go, the Yama van was full so they just marched me across the parking lot and put me with another company. I'm sure that's how it works...
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