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May 8

I went on a long all day tour today and will not have time to tell the story - I have to go to sleep soon.

This picture totally cracks-me-up. I had not at all noticed that my hand was in the shot. I was trying to herd this crowd (1 Japanese, 1 Korean, 1 Indian, 2 Australians, 2 Russians, 2 Turks) into a picture, calling out 'stop' 'oops, you're behind him now' 'waait' etc etc which brings me to the topic of Mother's Day.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I will be spending 18 HOURS in transit to get from point A to point B those points being less than 400 miles apart. This strikes me as having some strange internal justice.

It'll probably be at least a day and half before I can finish this chapter about Cappadocia. I'm off to Jerusalem...Shalom!
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