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May 1

Dear Family and Friends, you know I wanted to, but like I said I would, in an extreme abundance of caution, I didn't go. I asked one of the hotel people 'how was it today with the rally?' and she replied 'no problems at all, thankfully, this is very good for us'.

From National Turk online, the rest of the article:

"The largely peaceful celebrations had only a single incident ... But with the cooperation of the police, the incident ended without growing. ... Security was tightened a day earlier in the Taksim area and preparations were made as glasses of bus stops were removed and large police barriers were applied near pavements to block protesters from smashing windows if any violence occurred.

There were also celebration in other cities in Turkey ... but all eyes were at Taksim due to predictions of huge violences though none did occur. The main slogans by the workers groups were for better working conditions, more jobs, and better pay."
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