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April 29

I had to change hotels today, which I knew when I reserved Metropolis, that they didn't have space for my full stay, so I'd also reserved a room at Orient, another highly regarded hostel. Orient turned out to be a no-go... the door of the room when opened less than half way whammed into the bed with no actual place to stand. I spent a little extra with them to upgrade tonight's accommodation as they would not return my deposit.

Then I set out to find my next place! Hotel Emre offered what felt was a nice cozy space with the view I have come to adore but when I said ok, they changed the deal, the good room only being available for one night, so I moved on down the road.

I stopped at several places that were already full, or too expensive, or not so great. At Hotel Zeugma they had what looked like a good room (I'm getting one of those balconies which is great for the light but maybe noisy?) and they agreed to the price I was willing to pay. So I'll be moving again tomorrow.
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