April 3

This is an internet drawing of the Coconut Marketplace, the shopping center closest to the house and a place that has been under renovation for many years.

It's looking pretty good now and was our first stop for this year's project...
...Farmers Markets!

They have this one in the Coconut Marketplace parking lot on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is it, pretty small...
...but fun nonetheless.

Here's a semi-truthteller? These nuts are marketed as locally made but come to find out upon close inquiry, they send the nuts 'off island' by boat and truck to New Mexico where a Kauai lady roasts and flavors them, and then sends them back to Kauai also by truck and boat.

How this is locally made and more economical than preparing the nuts 'on island' is a math I don't know.
The signs are as entertaining as the produce:

No Squeezing Sweet Sweet Papaya; Brazilian Cacao; Custard Apples; Mountain Apples etc.
Just picked Longan; Fresh picked Mountain Apples; Pink Guava etc!
We met up with Idaho Sharon and walked over to the Lava Lava Beach Club for a tasty and scenic lunch.
The Lava Lava Beach Club is located in the Kauai Shores Hotel, an historic place but I can't find the details right now. We're thinking '50s-'60s. Maybe I'll ask next time we're by there.
Hello ladies, it's The SHARONS!
April 4

We have been hearing about all the rain that has been pouring down on Kauai for weeks and with rain, we get rainbows. Here's a morning view from the lanai.
And then from the lawn looking the other way. Usually the landscape guys clear the coconuts but we've got a ton this year.

Watch your head!
Party time! Kenny, Kathy, Sharon, Bob, Sharon.
April 5

Good morning!
Here's a clear and cloudless sky...
...although it didn't stay clear for long.

This is the touring garden at the Kauai Coffee Company. We learned at this visit that they never pick the berries from these trees and they prune them in April which is why some years it's twiggy out here and some years...
...it's full and blooming.
They get one pound of coffee out of each tree and they harvest each tree once in every three years. But then they do have several million trees so there is money to be made.
We went into Waimea town, the most western community on the island, also the driest.
A sign in the Spice of Life.

We ate at the Paniolo place (Hawaiian cowboy bbq) in Waimea and then puttered around in Hanapepe and then we came home to watch Merrie Monarch on tv. It was a lovely day!
April 6

Today's Farmers Market was a new project, open six months, of mostly small craft stalls inside an old warehouse, called Warehouse 3540 (because the address is 3540 Koloa Road) and a few times a week they advertise a Farmers Market which is...
...this one guy. Yup, one guy so Farmer Market might be a more descriptive name. It was sweet inside and I wish them good luck.
Then we went to Spouting Horn. It was beautiful out, not too windy, not too hot...
...refreshing and beautiful.
An example of the Splendid Red Jungle Fowl that populate Kauai, one per square foot required.
At the turn-off to Poipu and Brennecke's we had a swing by the Ke Kahua O Kâneiolouma complex "a cultural site containing the remnants of an ancient Hawaiian village at Poʻipû, Kôloa, Kauaʻi. The 13 acre complex contains numerous habitation, cultivation, sporting, assembly, and religious structures dating to at least the mid-1400's."
April 7

Camas came by to drive us to the biggest Farmers Market on Kauai at the Kauai Community Market at Kauai Community College, 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

"Besides fruit and vegetables, this gourmet market features locally made goat and feta cheese, tropical flowers, local honey, coffee, kimchi, tropical pies and jams, and European-style breads. Meals include kalua pig and poi, authentic Thai, Puerto Rican style tacos and sandwiches made to order."

All the parking at the community college was full of cars going to the Farmers Market. It was totally packed in the pouring rain.
Plenty of fruit and vegetable stands, prepared foods, craft items, it was lovely (in the pouring rain!)...
...and they even had a sweet as sugar candy petting zoo.
Camas bought a fish in a bowl from this guy who also prepares the flower displays himself and he was very Aloha.
We stopped off at the local Kauai Nursery and Landscaping for Camas to pick up some fillers for her hedge. It was fun to look around.
And then Lunch!
And back to the house to appreciate the cozy day.
April 8

RAIN! We took a spin into Kapaa for lunch at the Olympic Café and a visit to the de rigueur ABC Store...in the RAIN. Then I went home and enjoyed the sounds and sights of the storm while Sharon did a little shopping.
April 9

A duck out in the back wandering around the mini-golf course.
Here's the bridge I take pictures of all the time from the house, taken from the other side which is at the end of Lydgate Park. We met up with Sharon and Bob and then stopped by their place, a fine condo complex also right on the path.
From the outside dining area.
In the early evening everyone gathered at Kathy and Kenny's new rental. They're between tenants now so we got the whole tour and enjoyed another fine meal.
Walking home...Bob, Sharon, Me, Kathy, Kenny
April 10

Another rainy day so once again we headed south to the Poipu area this time for our traditional visit with the parrots and walk at the Grand Hyatt.
Some new retaining walls along the walk. We were pretty far out when the clouds opened and soaked us through but then we were almost dry by the time we got to the car.
April 11

Guess what, still raining so we're down south again where there is continuous construction going on in the Poipu area.
Aloha Oe!
Having a little beverage break at the Hyatt waiting for the nearby Farmers Market to kick off.
Yay a Farmers Market, and a good one at that.

"Kauai Culinary Market at Kukuiula Shopping Village. This is a beautiful outdoor market, with vendors spread along the outdoor mall. Shoppers can buy local honey, coffee, gourmet salt blends, kim chee, tropical pies and jams, tropical flowers and produce. Live music, a beer and wine garden, and cooking demonstrations make it especially fun."
Such gorgeous produce. The aroma coming from that herb basket filled the air so wonderfully I wanted to buy the whole thing and carry it around with me.
The booths were laid out nicely and it was a beautiful venue. This is the ritziest part of the island after all.
April 12

Curtis and Camas invited us up to their home for a visit and a nice early dinner.
What a delight!

me, Sharon, Camas, Curt
April 13

We dodged the off-and-on rain today to make it all the way out to the Kilauea Lighthouse, the albatross breeding grounds, and all the other seabirds who frequent this special place across the bay from Hanalei.
Some soaring seabird sandwiches.
We had lunch at the nearby "Historic Kong Lung Market Center"...
...and then made it here: "Kealia Farm Market opened by showcasing farmers who grow on a 40-acre property known as Kealia Farm.
"Besides just harvested produce, this market offers fish caught off Kauai’s shores as well as taro products such as poi, cooked corns, pie and laulau. Since all of the farmers are from one farm, founder Adam Asquith is not calling it a farmers market, rather it’s a farm market."
It was down home nice.
April 14-15

From the room where I sleep you can see a little bit of the only bridge that crosses the Wailua River peeking through the palms.

The last two days have been all about rain and for us living on the river, about that bridge. Last night's storm was something to remember with a few hours of constant blazing lightning, roaring thunder, and pounding record breaking rain.
The worst of the flooding and loss is in the north where all of the Hanalei valley was a lake, there've been a slew of road closings, mud slides, and homes lost.

Here we just watch that river.
From standing on the front lawn, most importantly the flow from the river, under the bridge, and into the sea has to stay open or the river backs up and then we've got trouble right here in River City.
Here's a break from the river to have a look at the Spirit House.
Fortunately the dock is securely tied off to the lava block wall and it all held up nicely.
The bench is usually high and dry.

I've taken this whole set with my little underwater camera. I think I might be developing arthritis in my right thumb that has maybe been exacerbated by my 20 pound camera? I'm giving that hand a rest and let's hope it gets better.
The debris from upriver, including entire uprooted trees making their way...
...to block the flow under the bridge. Kenny and Kathy came around for the view.
It got down to only two arches open and then the heavy equipment showed up to clear away the rubble. The photo is hard to enjoy since it's gotten pretty dark and the little camera doesn't have the reach of my 20 pounder but I hope you can get the idea.

As of the night of the 15th all was well here but other parts of the island are still digging out.

I'll add a few pro-pictures tonight especially of the other areas.
April 16

It's raining here in the tunnel of trees as it continues to rain off and on around the whole island but the rescue teams are out in force as are all the relief services.

I think they are not going to try to fully assess the damage until it stops raining long enough for the flood waters to recede.
But rescues and relief services are not on our agenda. Oh No. We're going to The Club at Kukuiula for a Spa Day.
The hibiscus botanical garden that is the path to the tennis courts.
Remember those pictures from yesterday with the debris racing down the river and flowing under the bridge or getting stuck in a pile-up. Here's where it all ends, at Wailua River Park and Lydgate Park.
The gardener here told us there is a group called The Friends of Lydgate who will probably do the cleanup themselves.
The ocean side of the Wailua River Bridge.
We went up to look at the Opaekaa Falls, full and muddy as they were, and here's the turn in the river, left is to the sea and right is to Fern Grotto.

Never once before have I seen this view without a dozen kayakers, another dozen paddle-boarders, water skiers, and a tour boat from Smith's. But today, nothing. The water is not safe They say and much to my surprise it seems people are taking Them seriously.
April 17

On our way out today we passed by what we always refer to as 'the slammer'. It's the local jail and the inmates are often to be found out in the yard you see here entirely under water.
We went to have a look around the Marriott at Kalapaki beach, a great place for families because of all the amenities, a big pool, a long and beautiful esplanade, and a gorgeous quiet bay.

Here's one of the many water features with feeding stations for birds and fish.
A giant mirror!
Waiting for our table at Dukes: "In his lifetime, Duke Kahanamoku traveled all over the world and introduced people to the Hawaiian lifestyle and the sport of surfing. Duke visited Kauai and enjoyed the beach and bay right out in front of what is now Duke’s Kauai. He was a friend and mentor to Kalapaki Beach’s own legendary Beach Boy, Percy Kinimaka. You are invited to enjoy this stunning beach setting with views out to the crystal blue waters of Nawiliwili Bay and the Hoary Head Mountains beyond."
Ninini Point Lighthouse at the entrance to Nawiliwili Bay.
We decided on an afternoon walk at Lydgate and finally I could catch a picture of some chicken babies. It's crazy how few chicks are around this year.
April 18

We're leaving a little early this morning because it's not raining!
We hopped across the river (by driving around over the bridge) to stroll through the gardens at Smith's...
...to admire the peacocks...
...and to then take the tour up to Fern Grotto. But it wasn't to be. The boat broke down and by the time they had made alternate arrangements we didn't want to go anymore. We had other places to go and other things to see!
But first a quick snap of the house...
...and of the bridge.
Here on the Smith's property they're doing some clean-up too. From what we could see that tractor was pretty much just pushing things around. Nothing got picked up. But what do we know, nothing.
We needed to be out to the "Kapaa Sunshine Market, New Town Ball Park Parking Lot by Bypass Road, 3 to 4 p.m. Produce only, including a large choice of organic produce."

It's really bigger than it looks with a ton of stalls...
...most of this design - selling what you've got from out of the back of the truck.

Some people had, for example, limes and lime leaves no doubt from some lime trees in the yard, and they were selling them out of the trunk of their car.

It had a homey feel and a large selection of vegetables and a less large selection of fruit. We are thinking fruit is not fully in season yet.
April 19

There's a fine park and golf course in Anahola with some crazy chicken action.
I guess early in the month we didn't see any baby chicks because they weren't born yet. There are certainly plenty of chicks in the pipeline now. We won't be having a shortage of Splendid Red Jungle Fowl for next year.
More of the park.
Then we drove into Hanapepe for lunch at the Japanese Grandma's Café followed by a visit to...
...the Farmers Market. The "Hanapepe Sunshine Market, Hanapepe Park in Old Hanapepe Town, 3 to 4 p.m. Produce only."
All the Markets have a start time and no one no one exchanges money for goods until the bell rings. Crowds gather, the bell rings, and then BAM the first flurry of goods fly off the tables.
What a guy. Those are leaves from a plant, I forget what plant. He says you boil water, put that whole thing in the water then take it right out then eat it.

That's it. It's good for your health.
April 20

We were watching a cooking show on tv last night and we both simultaneously Had to have pancakes for breakfast so we came to Daddy O's for one order of pancakes, one order of waffles, a side of bacon, and a side of fruit. It was so very satisfying.
At our stop for gas this truck rolled up with this dog riding happily in the back.

He was so happy and so friendly my arms and my face turned into the delicious smell of dog slobber, but it was fun to have that snuggle anyway.
Look! Blue SKY!!
Then I took Camas for an introduction to gyrotonic. There are actually two gyrotonic set-ups on the island of Kauai and here is one of them in this woman's converted garage.
The next door neighbor feeding ducks in her yard which explains why they are all there. I'm not going to imagine what the lawn is like after a flock of ducks have settled in.
April 22-25

We spent these nights at the Moana Surfrider and you can see the story by clicking here: Honolulu!
April 27-28

On our first day back we did chores and lolled around the house until meeting Kenny-Kathy-Sharon-Bob for dinner at the newest hot spot around town.

On our second day back we returned to our usual swing of going out in the morning. As we approached the car all the neighbor's ducks took a mad dash from hanging out in the driveway.
YAY, Puka Dog for Breakfast! We got there around 10:30 and there was no line yet, almost unimaginable but true so I quickly got myself a delicious. YUM!

Twenty minutes later all the picnic tables were full and there was a line.
Koloa Town has developed a food truck park.
A monument in honor of the nationalities who came to Hawaii to work in the sugar cane fields.
Back home a small family of chicks were pecking about.
April 29

"Namahana Farmers Market in Kilauea by Banana Joe’s. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Strictly local produce as well as a few food artisans."

This was a very nice one too...
...and our goat farm! The place that used to do tours and let you snuggle the baby goats, but they don't anymore which is too bad because those baby goats are so adorable.
This was our first time out to the North Shore since the first week because of the storms, and the road past Hanalei was still closed.

Check out those waterfalls.
A view in Hanalei town.
"Hanalei Farmers Market. Market hours are 9:30 a.m. to noon. Produce, food artisans, and handmade crafts."
You can buy a bag of salad.
Also, MUD. It looks like grass but you have to be very careful, test every step, or you'll be ankle deep in that fine red mud.
April 30

We enjoyed a tasty and generous brunch with Camas and Curt before a last stop at some stores and then home to pack up for home-sweet-home, thanks to Sharon, and ALOHA to The Garden Isle!
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