September 2 and 3rd

I drove up to The Ranch with Ben (Bonnie was already in Berkeley) arriving Friday night. I usually get a nice picture of the Shabbat candles and singing and the sharing of the challah, but not this time, because we have a baaaaaby! YAY Baby Connor!
Saturday morning I took a stroll around... see the alpaca, and there are llamas too...
...and a long path of interesting historic farm implements.
A view of the basketball court and the barn. You'll see more of the barn later.
My front door.
A few gathered to put lunch together.

Lynn, Rita, Sandy, Barbara, Naomi
Barbara and her first grandchild, the His Cuteness himself, Baby Connor!
Jerry moves this howler around for the entertainment of his guests...
...and likes people to notice this guy far in the distance.
A real cow.
You saw the outside of the barn, and here we have a small clip of one room on the inside. I'm standing on the stairs that lead to the loft of 15 or so beds for when there are a lot of kids.
And this is one corner collection. EVERY corner has a collection.

That's Baby Connor's mommy when she was much younger!
The welcome gate...
...and how it looks from the back.
Happy Trails!
Our Jerry whose identity is now 'Conner's Grandpa'.
Conner's Grandma Barbara, keepin' the beat.
Saturday night is Talent Show night and it was FABulous!
May 22 2015

Driving up the I5 on my way to The Ranch!

You can find prior visits at The Ranch 2009-2013
Often it is so dusty and nasty with agricultural detritus darkening the sky but today it was nice.
I let my new car and its new gps take me to The Ranch. It took me through Oklahoma.

It also bypassed all towns for 100 miles as I zigged and zagged turned left turn left turn right turn left. I had No idea where I was!
Jerry and Barbara painted on the side of the first barn. Welcome to The Ranch!
(Dog details forthcoming...)
Let's have a little Shabbat before Friday dinner.
May 23, morning

I walked up to the main road with Bonnie.
Turning toward the ranch road, here we are at the entrance...
...and a little further down the road is the barn with the picture of Barbara and Jerry painted on the side.
Bonnie and Ben in the olive tree groves, home of the award winning Oils of Paicines.
One of Jerry's many entertainments placed strategically around the property.
More, with a reflecting edge to catch your headlights in the dark.
The hiking trails from the road.
May 23, afternoon and evening

Lunch today was up at the top of a very Very high hill, Mountain really. It used to be that 10 or so people would walk up and the others would ride. This year 5 walked and I was among them.

Sincere thanks to my fellow walkers for being so kind and gentle despite me being sooooo slooooow.
Not there yet, up up up! And then I walked down.
Say Jerry, say I, may I please have some gas? Sure he says, this being the result of my new gps bypassing all towns for 100 miles.
After another fantastic dinner it was Show Time. Everyone did a bit but the hit was Barbara's drumming and her...
...all girl Dancing Queens routine. Wow, Fun and then, after the show...
...we immediately watched it 3 more times and it's on youtube for your viewing pleasure.
May 24

Llamas and alpacas waiting for breakfast.
Barbara is doing another round of construction projects.

She's totally re-doing that pink house in the background where a caretaker had previously lived, and she's also building from scratch a huge new kitchen and dining area large enough for fifty guests. And a real library too, to hold their ever growing collection of books.
The Ranch is as much an Art Project as it is a ranch.
Because of the drought the bobcats are coming down into the ranch and eating the peacocks. They lost so many that they've brought the survivors into a caged area.
It was hard to get a shot through the two layers of mesh.
Sunday night = BBQ Night and another feast.
May 25

Ben is cracking the farm fresh (This farm fresh) eggs for a delicious breakfast frittata. Jerry made two huge trays eaten, with gusto, by the various guests who wander in for breakfast throughout the morning.
Some of the olive trees of the ranch that make up the award winning Oils of Paicines. You can order off their website at and they have a facebook page called WeLoveOliveOil.
We had an organized mixed doubles table tennis tournament. I said I'd play if they needed another girl but since they didn't...
...I just took some pictures, here of the winners of the big grand finale.

It was an excellent idea and fun for all.
Farewell, it's been Swell!
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