September 20-22

A long weekend of R&R in the Santa Ynez valley with Robert and Joanna, and Bob and Desda, down from SF way, and Carl and Lynn, and Ben and Bonnie, and Richard from around LA. Unfortunately Emilia was very ill and couldn't make it.
Our staggered Friday afternoon arrival.
A picture through the window of Robert trying to shoo the tarantula off the front door handle. Carl got the shot of the tarantula itself.

I spotted the thing and pointed it out to someone, I don't remember who, who thought it was fake and blew on it. The tarantula responded with a very not-fake not-dead wave of its huge hairy legs.
From the Paradise Rentals website, the Vista del Valle with five huge gorgeous bedrooms and 5 excellent bathrooms...
...and more from the website - we had all of this, and with so many outlets not even all our electronica would fill them up.
The long shadows of late afternoon.
And sunset stories.
The meal-deal worked out very well I thought. We each had our assignment to bring everything for, prepare, and clean-up after a particular meal. Everyone pitched in to help, as much as they felt like doing. It really did go very smoothly.

Time for dinner, but first wine and challah and a few words for Shabbat.

Bonnie, Ben, Lynn, Desda, Bob, Carl, Robert, Joanna
Wow, sunset.
I was delighted so many times through our stay by the amenities provided at the house. It seemed as though anything we wanted, there it was. The kitchen, the pool and patio, the bathrooms, not a thing was missing. They even had, as well as the wifi with a couple of boosters, a wifi connected printer should you need to print a boarding pass or a recipe for example.

And there were a dozen colors of lights in the pool and the spa, to choose as the mood struck.
Good Saturday morning! Coffee and a delicious buffet breakfast all ready to enjoy.
At 10 this morning I took the ride back down to LA for Kaitlin's birthday and then returned around 5 so I don't have any pictures from Saturday's daytime pleasures.
One from Bonnie...

...and another one!

Sitting around and enjoying one another's company was high on the list of pleasures.
We're getting all dressed-up for our big dinner out.

You can tell I am dressed up because I am wearing my shinny-silver-strappy wa-hoo Kate Spade shoes. You can tell Robert is from Europe because he is wearing red pants.

For the entire weekend the weather gods...
...were happy...
...and gave us perfect temperatures and gorgeous sunsets.

After sunset we designated drivers and made our way down the hill. Everyone agreed, dinner at the Los Olivos Wine Merchant and Café was a delightful experience.
Richard! our organizer (yay Richard, great job!) and weekend Mixologist was able to make it up on Saturday night. Fortunately Emilia was on the mend but unfortunately still not well enough to come.
And what's a get-together without a lively and soulful evening brought to us by our own Bobby Z.
A Sunday morning breakfast feast on the patio. YUM!

Lynn, Joanna, Richard, Robert, Carl, Bob, Desda, Bonnie
Several times throughout the day various ones would head out for a walk down the oh-so-very long and steep driveway and along the peaceful roads nearby.
It was beautiful.

Pool, a popular pastime.
At one point mid-afternoon Lynn and Desda and I found ourselves alone at the house. Hey! Let's go skinny dipping!! Yesss!!!

As the day wore on...
...folks were heading home until at the end...
...only Bob and Desda and I were left to enjoy our final night in this remarkable slice of paradise.
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