The Grand Park

The park is three terraced blocks long from the DWP building to the north-west down to City Hall and bordered on each side by government buildings.

From the DWP looking south-east we find the Fountain Plaza, the Performance Lawn, the Community Terrace, the Event Lawn right in front of City Hall crying out to be occupied, lots of great landscaping, picnic setups, and more.
These pillars mark the entrances to the park and say 'A Park for Everyone' in all the languages that fit.
Formerly known as the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power Building, later named after the late Los Angeles City Councilman John Ferraro (1924—2001).
The older fountain in front of the DWP building and between the Dorothy Chandler and the Mark Taper.

The inscription reads:

"Peace On Earth by Jacques Lipchitz Given as a symbol of peace, to the people of the world. By Lloyd E. Rigler Lawrence E. Duetsch 1969"
Looking toward the Dorothy Chandler.
Nice on the landscaping.
Looking to City Hall...
...and from the 'other side' of the fountain looking to DWP, Dorothy Chandler, and Mark Taper.
Playing in the fountain. Awww.
Me and IngaLill, admiring ourselves and the fountain in the mirror of the Starbucks rest stop...
...and then me and Sharon and Nancy.
From IngaLill.
All the lounging-around and picnic furniture is PINK.
City Hall at the 'other' end of the Grand Park.
Another view, this of a summer performance and some lolling around on the grass.
Another example of the cool landscaping.
From IngaLill.
Trees too.
The flag garden display of historic flags, opened on 9/11 2012. It was definitely worth spending some time reading the plaques.
The flags.
From under the flags.
Another view of the iconic DWP building.
Spring! These trees are just little guys now but will be even more glorious in years to come.
With Susie, we bemoaned our losses of the bygone Olden Days .. and cheered our gain of the Grand Park. (Not an entirely fair trade but we take what we can get.)
One cannot walk past Disney Hall without snapping a pic. One cannot.
Walking down Grand Avenue behind MOCA, there are two beautiful reflecting pools...
...and this fine water feature coordinating with the shapes in MOCA.
Along the same route, including the airplane parts sculpture that has graced the MOCA plaza since it opened in 1986.
Walking through California Plaza to the terminus of Angels Flight.

The Grand Park is remarkably free of live-ins but this spot is a gathering point.
From IngaLill.
A view from the bottom, across the street from the Grand Central Market.
And here is Grand Central Market, the same as ever it was.
From IngaLill.
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