The Griffith Observatory (all the photos are post-remodel)

I've taken the quoted material from and wikipedia. (Oh Wikipedia, you are a treasure chest of shiny.)
The most amazing feat of engineering is how they kept the entire original building and added all the structures for the expansion down the mountain.

Be sure to watch the construction film at the Leonard Nemoy Event Horizon theater when you visit!

May 1935.......Building opens to public
December 1978..Formation of Friends Of The Observatory
January 2002...Closes for renovation and expansion
October 2002...Groundbreaking for construction
March 2006.....Construction substantially complete
July 2006......Exhibit installation substantially complete
November 2006..Building reopens to the public

The Astronomer's Monument honoring Newton, Copernicus, Galileo and other astronomers whose names I forgot to check for and can't find online.
Photo Photo!
On a clear day... can see (not so clearly here but wow none the less) to the horizon...
...and a looming view of downtown.
The original frescos in the central rotunda.

"As a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project, construction began on June 20, 1933, using a design developed by architect John C. Austin based on preliminary sketches by Russell W. Porter. The observatory and accompanying exhibits were opened to the public on May 14, 1935."
Also from the beginning, a Foucault Pendulum, you can look it up!

'In his will ((he died in 1919)) Griffith J. Griffith donated funds to build an observatory, exhibit hall, and planetarium on the land he donated to the city in 1896.

'Griffith's objective was to make astronomy accessible by the public, as opposed to the prevailing idea that observatories should be located on remote mountaintops and restricted to scientists. By the terms of his will admission to the Griffith Observatory will always been free.'
I don't have much representing the exhibits - I'll have to focus on that next time.
Here's something just outside the theater where you can be your own man on the moon.
Seems far from town but yes we are in LA.
Everyone loves a visit to the Griffith Observatory.
From the Observatory you can see both downtown to the south and the iconic Hollywood sign to the north. You can even see the sea to the west if it's Super clear.
It's so lovely here.

A WikiFact: 'Griffith's legacy was marred by his notorious shooting of his wife in 1903 ((she didn't die)), a crime for which he served two years in prison.' I didn't know that until today!

This Griffith J Griffith is the same Griffith who donated all the land for Griffith Park in case you were wondering.
Snagged this shot off the internet, a pre-re-opening picture from a vantage point unavailable to me.
Love the geometry of the spaces...
...and the great domes.

Here's another FunFact courtesy of wikipedia: 'Griffith affected the title of Colonel, but official records of his military service which support this rank have not been found. Evidence suggests the only military title he ever held was "major" of rifle practice with the California National Guard.' Seems this guy was Larger Than Life but our town is richer for his contributions.
Alex and Carol, lookin' good.
Everyone lining up for the big finale...
...ta DAH!
There are plenty of viewing opportunities on every deck.
A sliver of the night sky.
The view from the Metro station at Sunset and Vermont.
The view from Barnsdale Park of the Observatory and the Hollywood sign.
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