Welcome to the Los Angeles ZOO
A handsome decorative fence.
Our own Meerkat Manor.
Pink Flamingos. Just like on your lawn, only stinkier.
One of the displays in The LAIR - Living-Amphibians-Invertebrates-Reptiles.
I think they did a good job with the gorillas. Of course it is always so problematic, the whole zoo thing, but I've made my peace with it.
Mr Big Guy, through the glass.
O Sole Mio.
A Baaaby!
Here Kitty Kitty.
This kangaroo was speeding around the enclosure, high and fast. The kids got big eyes.
Checking in.
When The Grandgirls Were Young
A lot of the area is moated so you're watching from a distance, and then there is one section with glass where the gorillas come up close. It's not like a movie.
Hellooo, hellooo, look over here.
The moms - PhotoPhoto!
Here's what they were looking at. Aww.

(Angela's photos.)
They had volunteers in the children's section offering snake handling opportunities...

(Katie's photos.)
...and you know I'm gonna be lovin' that!

(Katie's photos.)
The gang's all here.
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